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Our stores and our website are open to the public, and we do not require “membership.” However, most of the large equipment we sell is for COMMERCIAL USE ONLY and cannot be used in a home environment because of zoning and safety regulations. If you are interested in one of these products and are not certain whether it’s for commercial use or non-commercial use, please call us at Our stores and our website are open to the public, and we do not require “membership.” However, most of the large equipment we sell is for COMMERCIAL USE ONLY and cannot be used in a home environment because of zoning and safety regulations. If you are interested in one of these products and are not certain whether it’s for commercial use or non-commercial use, please call us at +91 9373697408 to clarify. to clarify.

Due to our huge inventory, most orders are shipped from our distribution center in Ohio no later than the following business day after the order is received. If your order is received early enough in the day, we can often coordinate same-day shipment. However, all orders are subject to product availability and shipment according to our general shipping policies and procedures. Depending upon your location and delivery requirements, our specialists can help you coordinate the most economical option for expedited delivery. However, Restaurant Equippers cannot guarantee a carrier’s delivery time. Click here for more information about how we ship your order.


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  • You can extend your pickup window by calling your local store.

If one or more of the items in your cart indicates “Freight Delivery,” the order must be shipped via freight or common carrier rather than standard shipping or FedEx due to its size or weight. Freight charges are automatically calculated for your order using our distribution center in Ohio as the point of origin, and the price is quoted at the time of your checkout. The given shipping amount results from our system calculating and shopping for the lowest possible shipping price from our selection of discounted freight carriers. Our shipping charges are calculated to pay only for our actual discounted carrier shipping costs and are not increased to create hidden shipping profits. We do not charge “handling fees.” Shipping costs include a lift gate and delivery notification.


The Commercial Store collects sales tax for all merchandise picked up by you or delivered to you within the states listed on our Sales Tax Policy Page; to view them, please click here. If your business or organization has tax-exempt status in any of those states, you must supply us with a properly completed Sales tax Exemption Document. To assist you, we have included the most commonly used Sales Tax Exemption Documents for each state to help you document Tax Exemption Status.

If you are an existing Restaurant Equippers customer and already have exempt status with us by visiting our stores or phoning in an order, our website will recognize your exempt status once you log into your account. If you have not made an account on our website, please make sure to use the email address you gave when placing your order with our Nationwide Order Office or in-store so our system will recognize your tax-exempt status.

If you are a tax-exempt business or organization and have paid tax in error, please contact us at 91 9373697408, ext. 118 or 147 to provide the required exemption information and obtain credit for the taxes charged. Such refunds can normally be made only within 30 days after the sale is completed. Otherwise, special procedures may be required to obtain a refund from the state.

Click here to view our complete Sales Tax Policy.

Yes! We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover cards. In addition, we accept PayPal for online orders only.

Online orders must be paid for using a credit card. We can arrange for check payments in our store and over the phone with our Nationwide Order Office at +91 9373697408

The Commercial kitchen Store  has relationships with many of the best food service equipment and supply manufacturers in the industry. We can often obtain products not featured on our website, catalog, or in our stores. Such items are considered special orders and require personal assistance from our Equipment and Supply Specialists. They will identify your specific requirements, confirm availability, and coordinate your purchase and shipment from the manufacturer. Special Orders must be paid for when placing your order and, if shipped directly to you from the manufacturer, may have shipping charges different from those for a similar item carried and shipped to you from our distribution center. Contact our Nationwide Order Office at +91 9373697408 for help with special orders.

We do not offer leasing options directly through Restaurant Equippers. However, we work with several leasing and financing companies that may meet your needs.

Restaurant Equippers is dedicated to stocking the equipment you need. We also know that sometimes all you need is the correct part. You can order parts by contacting one of the following reputable national parts supplies listed below. Before calling: Make sure you have the model number and your unit’s serial number and have your business information available for a service tech or parts delivery. PARTS SUPPLIERS Commercial Parts & Services : +91 9130663421

Parts Town 800-438-8898